Monthly Archives: May 2015

Oliver Birthday

Lunch Bag with top quality Mom Farrah also Ordered us the Invitation . Let’s take a look, Inside the lunch bag there also A Tumblr and Yummy Snacks ready to Eat … nyum … nyummm   1 lunch bag 1 tumblr 1 package snacks ( customize) ,

Tobias Joshua Baby Boy Hamper

Hellow, i put 5 animal characters inside isn”t it cute? Pillow wrapping with tile Very recommended hamper:D

Aline One Month Hamper

sincerely i love this hampers those rattan which i paint with white color combine very well. The pink, the gree, the white just are too beautiful to be true Rattan include : 1 small package of cookies 1 towel bordir 1 kitkat 4finger 1 mini frame 10 x 15 1 mug

Nickandro Bday

Lunch Bag isi 5 macam snack for more info 0823 3045 8976 / 2766fb0a

Kenzie Birthday

yipiy, this is so colorful Goody Bag   1 paper bag include : 1 pack of snacks 1 personalized Mug   for more info :   0823 3045 8976