Monthly Archives: June 2015

Alton One Month Celebration

This is so Simple yet Very beautiful Hamper both are so good to combine. The color are bright and eye catching as well. My client wants to fill the tin by her self so i send the packages separate. I package the frame in their own and the tin also Frame 4r + tin for  Continue Reading »


Thanks For using best wishes as your hamper and gift companion. We are so truly happy that we can help you with this orders   Rattan Bundar wrapping ribbon include Towel 30*70 bordir Personalized mug 2766fb0(nol)a / 0823 3045 8976 wa. 089633530854

Owen Birthday

Hello, this is my third Design of superheroes, and this is the complete version of superheroes which we often called as “avenger” And here is it   Rotan Stroller include 1 mug sereal 1 pencil color 1 bear mini 1 inaco pack 1 lolipop 1 milk 1 pouch pencil

The Remembrance of 100th Day

this is my first time ever making this kind of event, the remembrance 100th day of someone’s Leaving But im glad my client love it and glad with my designs and my teapot and also the Box For more info : 0823 3045 8976