This is again my new experience with a new concept of hamper :D
my client and i have discussed it a long time ago, we want to make a pillow with different packaging. First i reccomend her using tile, but she prefer box and then tile again :P hahaha but after all, we use box for the final result :D this a simple full box, and inside are : pillow with katun , and also we put one more note memo to make this hampers worth to receive :D i bet people will love this one and i hope the one month celebration goes smoothly :D

60 pcs packages to JAKARTA soon ♥
*PS im so tired when make it because its very huge and hard to package :P hehehe but i do love the final RESULT :D

1 simply full box :
1 pillow katun
1 notes
and thanks Card,

FOR more info : 0823 3045 8976 / 2766fb0a

dkm 1

dkm 2

dkm 3

dkm 4

dkm 5

dkm 6

dkm 8