its a bit challenging, because this is the first time I’m using Tin as Hamper for Birthday Gift. Overall i love this finally. The tin and the maters design combine so successfully.

When we turn back to the first time, its a bit coincidence that my client came to my house because she needs something to be done with my Mom (it about business or whatever), which is the moment she was searching birthday souvenirs for her birthday boy. So we made up and set everything via bbm later, About the budget, we want something a LOT, but safe money and take out the towel + mug which are our first Things to put in the birthday Souvenir. And put More Snacks so the kids can also enjoy
So here is it…. The Maters Design For Rafael ..

Tin Hamper Set
include :
Mini Frame,
1 jar of Round Chocolate
1 pack of jellies candies
1 drawing color
1 kitkat 2 bar
1 Choco Milky


rafa 1

rafa 2

rafa 3